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a little help with pages

Discussion in 'Get Help On Divi Wordpress' started by Asmir, Feb 13, 2019 at 1:05 AM.

  1. Asmir

    Asmir New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to create a few pages that look like an e-commerce website where I can show my products only, not sell. I want to be able to give my users the choice to be able to show 20/50/100 products per page with a little "1/3 pages" below and also get a detailed description when they click on one product.

    Is there an easy method to do this because I'm still a beginner with divi and I don't know If I should make a new page for every product or is there a better and simpler way.

    Dont hesitate if there are any tutorials for this, I'm open to any help.

    Thank you