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Solved Broken Site with 4.04

Discussion in 'Basic Support Forum' started by Bryant Spratlin, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Bryant Spratlin

    Bryant Spratlin New Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    Just bought this, installed on fresh local wordpress site running divi 3.9. Everything was working ok and then updated to Divi 4.04 and now everything has crashed and I cant do anything. This is the error message I get and I cant even rollback to previous divi version as it comes up with this same error.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    Based on the error, it doesn't seem to be coming from our plugin. Might be a corrupted Divi update from your side.

    I would recommend you to delete & re-install Divi & see if it fixes the issue.

    If you couldn't access the WP Admin, then you will need to delete it in the file backend: wp-content/themes/Divi

    Let me know if that works.
  3. Bryant Spratlin

    Bryant Spratlin New Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    Ok looks like for some reason it was duplicaitng all the divi files when doing the upload. Downloaded a different version of divi and then updated and it seems to be working fine. Sorry for the confusion
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