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Solved Can't get SALE badge to display?

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by Harriet, Aug 2, 2022.

  1. Harriet

    Harriet New Member

    Hi! I just can't get the SALE badge to display.

    Things I have tried:
    1. looked in the Divi Shop and made sure Sales badge was enabled, then styled it with color for background and font
    2. in custom CSS> found and removed previous old CSS that hid the ugly default Woocommerce sales badge
    3. made sure Sales Badge was enabled in Woo Layout Injector settings, just in case (* because it said page was using a template called "WooCommerce Product A", created in the Woo Layout Injector )
    4. Checked products categorized as SALE to make sure they do have a sale price entered ... they do.

    Having done all that, I am stumped and not sure why the sales badge is not displaying.
    Thanks for any insight!

    URL to view: https://cynthiarenee.com/sale/
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  2. Harriet

    Harriet New Member

    Adding a few images to help...(below)

    1. see that Sales Badge is enabled (in Design I've set background to dark purple/red and type to white.)
    2. Badge does not display on front end?
    3. apparently there should be a Sale! badge displaying which is kind of like this example?

    Thanks if anybody has any ideas on what could be going on!
    We just upgraded to WP 6.0.1 as well, no change in the issue.

    woo-product-module-settings.png front-end.png example-badge.png
  3. Harriet

    Harriet New Member

    I guess nobody knows?
    I have the Divi Lifetime License, let me see if I can get support through there...
    Sale will launch next week, so trying to get badges displaying by then.
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  4. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    I would suspect it's the custom PHP code at your child theme functions.php that hide the sales badge.

    To confirm, you may switch back to parent Divi theme & see if it works.
  5. Harriet

    Harriet New Member

    Thank you, I did not look in the PHP!
    ( I don't write code, so I never even open the PHP files....but I will check it out! )

    For now, I resolved this issue by using the Yith Woocommerce Badge Management plug-in. This plug-in worked beautifully with Woo / Divi, and will allow my client to manage all of her Sale / Discount badges easily in the WP dashboard. It allows us to apply "rules" such as displaying Badges just for Sale dates, displaying percentage discounts automatically if desired, using multiple Badges at once i.e. "Just In" or "Custom Order", etc.

    So although this was not solved via Divi's built-in product Badges, I will go ahead and mark this thread as Solved.

    And I'll post back if I figure out about the PHP (I may have to ask a developer friend to look into that, since I don't write or edit PHP myself!).
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