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Change the arrows color in gallery module not possible in a post template

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by Tonino@57, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Tonino@57

    Tonino@57 New Member

    I am trying to change the color of the arrows of a gallery module in a post but, as I have set a post template, any value will be overridden by the value in the template. I use custom css for et.pb.arrow but inspecting the post page there is this value:

    .et_pb_post_content_0_tb_body.et_pb_post_content a {
    1. color: #f92c8b!important;
    which bocks. However if I paste the line above with the changes in the post page, advanced, custom css, it works.
    I will appreciate any help
    Thank you
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  2. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    Kindly share your URL.

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