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Confused! I bought Ultimate Header Plugin but dont see in "Your Purchases"

Discussion in 'Ask Pre-Sales Questions' started by Benh_82, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Benh_82

    Benh_82 New Member


    Not sure what has happened but i cant see Divi Ultimate Header plugin in my purchases here. I cant access the forum or anything.

    Is there anywhere else it was for sale? Maybe i purchased through a vendor?

    I have email correspondence and confirmation of forums posts i did here so really not sure whats going on?

    Anyone have any ideas please? Ive noticed an issue when using the plugin, FOUC loading issues. I saw a thread in the forum titled how to stop the blinkering which i thought might be related to my issue but it says i dont have access to it, even though i bought the plugin already.

    Thanks for your time, not sure if this is a forum post or an email to the developers but any help is appreciated.
  2. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    Based on our record, you purchased 1 year license on Mar 26, 2018. And it already expired on Mar 26, 2019. That's why you can't access it anymore.

    If you're referring to the 'flashing' issue when your page is first load, then see below:

    This is how Divi works for injected elements. It will first load the content, then only the CSS to style it.

    There are 2 workarounds:

    1. Use a preloader plugin to hide the page until it's fully loaded. There are plenty free preloader plugin out there. For example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-preloader/

    2. Go to Divi > Theme Options to set up the below settings. After you set that, visit every page of your site & Divi will save a copy of the CSS of each page in file format. The next visit to your page will have the CSS file load first & you don't have to see the 'flashing'.