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Solved Customise icon for image module overlay

Discussion in 'Get Help On Divi Wordpress' started by Lera, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Lera

    Lera New Member

    Hello there! Ive build an image grid and would like to have each image get overlay on hover and serve as a link.

    Adding overlay to the image module is easy now, but I would like to change the icon on the overlay to a custom text or a custom icon, is that possible?

    I tried changing .et_pb_image_2 .et_overlay AND/OR et_overlay et_pb_inline_icon properties but it does not seem to work.. Any advice?

    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 16.47.00.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 16.47.07.png (i would like to change the default divi arrow icon to text or custom icon)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    Can share your link?
  3. Lera

    Lera New Member

  4. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

  5. Lera

    Lera New Member

    Thanks, but I can also change the icon to one of the Divi custom icons inside of the module, thats not the problem. My question is how do I change it either to my custom-made icon OR at least one of the Font Awesome icons. Is there a way?

  6. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    To put custom image as the icon, try the CSS below. Change YOUR IMAGE URL to your image link.
    Kindly Log in or Sign up to view this code.
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  7. Lera

    Lera New Member

    It worked, thanks so much!

  8. justmiro

    justmiro New Member

    Thanks a lot for this code. Working like a charm when targetting icon and even changing the size. Perfect.