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Divi Page Speed Insights for Mobile Optimization. Anthology

Discussion in 'Get Help On Divi Wordpress' started by kotkota, May 21, 2020.

  1. kotkota

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    Hi! Divi is the best builder i think. But all my Divi sites has poor scores in Google Page Speed Insights for Mobile
    My target is creting websites on Divi with best performance for Google.
    I want my Divi sites get 80+ scores especialy for Mobile.

    I have made big research in this case.

    By default any Divi homepage take under 10 for Mobile and about 30 for Desktop scores.

    My strategy to use combinations of this plugins/services to make best performance:

    WP Rocket - working excellent. Main settings is:
    • Enable settings for mobile devices
    • Optimize Google Fonts
    • Optimize CSS Delivery (this feature making critical path CSS genereting automatically!)
    • Disable Emoji
    • Activate Preloading
    Autoptimize - super tool. All settings almost by default

    Any plugin for image optimization fot your choose. I like WebExpress (free) and OptiMole - Image optimization service (free monthly quota for 5K visitors). Main idea to convert images in new generation Google format - webp

    Async JavaScript - sometimes it helps. 4 main preload settings. Need to try at find out which is the best.

    Any CDN (optional). In my case not always CDN services making performance score better.

    With this 3-4 plugins i can get score for Desktop about 85 points. It is good result. And usualy all famous plugins, like contact form, gallery, etc. are working well. BUT! For mobile i can't cross 55 for Mobile. Google didn't like one big (100-150Kb) Auoptimize CSS file. Google always swears for this (less than 1-1,5 sec of losses) :
    • Eliminate render-blocking resources
    • Preload key requests
    Both this problems are due ONE big Autoptimize CSS file whis is generating with Autoptimize plugin.

    Another tool i have tried is AMPforWP plugin (free and paid) to create mobile optimized version of the site. I' have used paid version with full functional with Divi compativbe. I encountered such problems like missing styles and some problems with footer, missing 3rd party plugins, etc.. But i can get score in GPI more about 85 and more with AMP version of the site. But i can't make full control and AMP version of the site looks not fully functional.

    Does anybody have positive experience to make Divi websites performance 80+ for mobile?
    How it is possible to decrease this "huge" Autoptimize CSS files that Google loves the site?
    Any wasy to make Mobile version working faster and get 80+ scores?
    Wha plugin are you using?
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