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Divi Powerful, and Divi.Help support have been fantastic

Discussion in 'Customer Testimonials' started by ThemeUser, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. ThemeUser

    ThemeUser Member
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    I use both Divi Powerful and Divi Ultimate Header (on two different sites). Both have provided me with a fast track to designing a great looking, customizable header on the desktop. This header appears to have capabilities that the Divi theme alone cannot do, or cannot do without going through a lot of fussing to make it happen.

    My only complaint about this header is that it is not designed to completely override Divi's built-in mobile menu. While it does a great job of seamlessly transitioning between desktop and tablet/phone, it would be ideal if users could customize the mobile menu using Divi.Help templates/functionality. Divi.Help's desktop menu templates outshine those that are built into Divi itself, so I would imagine that they could provide users with much more flexible mobile menus to choose from.

    With Divi Powerful, I am also using its footer as a starting point for a more customized look. I enjoy using it not only because the stock designs are great (and are therefore solid jump-off points), but because they work beautifully not only on desktop, tablet and phone.

    Onto tech support: Over the years, I've learned that you do indeed get what you pay for. Tech support from Divi.Help's staff has been second-to-none. Unlike support that I have received from certain theme developers, Divi.Help has provided me with code and instructions that work. The first time.

    Aside from my suggestion about mobile menus, the only thing I'm left wanting is a bit more info about the great minds behind Divi.Help and its products. I would love to see an "about us" page (something that I think would help build even more trust in this brand).
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