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Divi Slider – Autoplay breaks design

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by Tristan_J, Nov 21, 2023.

  1. Tristan_J

    Tristan_J New Member


    I have a huge issue with the divi slider when I put it in autoplay. There are several rows on the site and in every row there are two slider modules. All the pictures in the sliders have the same format. When I activate autoplay in the sliders, the transitions make the rows below jump down a bit (especially on the Safari browser). Also, the pictures are sometimes cut or not displayed at the bottom, especially when the browser window is resized. And as mentioned, this happens only when autoplay is activated, when it's deacitvated, there is no problems.

    I spent hours already to fix this, but I couldn't come up with a solution that works. I would be tremendously grateful if you could help me out here. The webpage in question is https://vbdh.ch/lametta-fuer-alle-ip/

    Thank you so much,
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  2. Tristan_J

    Tristan_J New Member

    FYI: It's the gallery module, not the slider module I use. Sorry for the wrong info in my original thread.