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Divi Ultimate Footer Acting Funny on Wordpress 5.6

Discussion in 'Basic Support Forum' started by GCM20, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. GCM20

    GCM20 New Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme Divi Powerful Child Theme Divi Ultimate Archive Plugin Divi Ultimate Blog Plugin Divi Ultimate Header Plugin Divi Ultimate Footer Plugin

    Since I updated my site to WordPress 5.6 the Divi Ultimate Footer is acting strange. What is the latest version of the Divi Ultimate Footer plugin?
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  2. Divi.Help Pro Support

    Divi.Help Pro Support Administrator
    Staff Member

    Kindly share your URL. And elaborate more on your issue. Thanks.

    We are unaware of any conflict with Wordpress 5.6, thus there's no new update on Divi Ultimate Footer Plugin.