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Divi Ultimate Plugin 8.0.1 is out of date?

Discussion in 'Ask Pre-Sales Questions' started by MikeGro, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. MikeGro

    MikeGro New Member

    I used to be a paid member last year. I just recently noticed when you have the most current Wordpress and most current Divi Theme… and have Divi Ultimate Plugin 8.0.1 in… anchor links in the menu aren’t working… and the menu just doesn't work right. Now, if I disable the Divi Ultimate plugin, the anchor links now work. I think the most current Wordpress updated the jQuery library and I have noticed it has broken other similar (jquery) things on other non Divi Ultimate sites… so I think it’s just a matter of updating that specific plugin. If I use the older Divi Ultimate Plugin 8… the menu works but doesn’t show correctly… due to some CSS issues and I guess how that older plugin and Divi Ultimate works with the newest version of Divi so I can’t go that route as a workaround. However, when I use this plugin, “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” and have the site to use a legacy jQuery… it fixes the issue… the menu, and therefore the Divi Ultimate Plugin 8.0.1 works... but that’s just a band aid and kind of supports the idea that the Divi Ultimate Plugin 8.0.1 needs to be updated to work with the newest jquery version that Wordpress uses, which you may have already done... have you?
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  2. MikeGro

    MikeGro New Member

    Looking around... in the various threads... looks like their is a new version... 8.0.2? Is that a free upgrade... I assume it has no new features or anything... it's just a fix... I would assume a fix could / should be a free upgrade or do I have to pay $100+ for just a fixed/updated plugin with no new features?
  3. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    Kindly check your PM.
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