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et_preload_image error when disabling Navigation and Logo

Discussion in 'Get Help On Divi Wordpress' started by jasonbrogdon, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:27 PM.

  1. jasonbrogdon

    jasonbrogdon New Member


    My site has an error with some image preloader script called _et_preload_image.

    It returns as undefined because we have disabled our header, navigation, and logo as we design them manually on the pages within the divi builder.

    The logo ID is now assigned to a DIV, not the image as I assume that Divi does this naturally.

    I would like to disable that feature, but I can't find it or how to block it from happening. I turned off all lazy loading and animations, but the function keeps firing.

    Unfortunately, I cannot share my link with you as I cannot have it show up publicly, yet. Has anyone else had issues with this preloader function running when you don't have an SRC for the ID 'logo' since it is no longer an IMG object?