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Solved Footer Reveal Breaking Mobile

Discussion in 'Basic Support Forum' started by Bryant Spratlin, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Bryant Spratlin

    Bryant Spratlin New Member

    So I have the footer reveal turned on because I love this feature. However on mobile it is messing up. If you drag down when its at the top you can see the footer partially and if you drag to the side it is showing as seen in the screenshots. Link to site is freedomlifetoday.org

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is also doing this on another site that I have in local development as well.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Divi.Help Pro Support

    Divi.Help Pro Support Administrator
    Staff Member

    This is a normal behavior as the footer reveal is hiding behind the content, in order to perform the revealing effect at the bottom of the page. But the problem is that if you scroll above the top, there's nothing for the footer to hide behind, and that's why you see the footer if you scroll above the top. In desktop, you can't see it because you can't scroll above the top.

    Additional Note:
    The footer reveal effect will be disabled (revert back to original positioning) if the custom footer is bigger than the screen. So, if you wish to disable the footer reveal on mobile, you can try to set the custom footer padding top & bottom to be bigger in mobile.
    As for this issue, it's due to your image module in the content area to have bigger size than the screen, because of your transform scale CSS settings. But try to update our footer plugin to the latest version to see if it works: https://divi.help/threads/divi-ultimate-footer-plugin-v1-1-1.2297/#post-7194
    **In the latest version, we added some CSS code to hide the elements that overflow the screen.
  3. Bryant Spratlin

    Bryant Spratlin New Member

    I updated it and it automatically disabled footer reveal on mobile. So that takes care of that. Thank You
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