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How to change Divi Blog Module "Read More" text

Discussion in 'Divi Tutorials' started by Divi.Help, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Divi.Help

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    In this tutorial, we will teach you how to change Divi Blog Module "Read More" text. By default, Divi doesn't have any option to change the "Read More" text.

    It's pretty simple to change it by using custom jQuery code. Just paste the below code in WP Admin > Divi > Theme Options > Integration > Body Code:
            $('.et_pb_post .more-link').text("Your Custom Text");
    **Change Your Custom Text to your own text.

    Here's a screenshot to show how it looks like:

    If you're interested in how to style the "Read More" text into a button style (similar to the screenshot above), check out this tutorial: https://divi.help/threads/how-to-add-background-color-for-divi-blog-module-read-more-text.6352/

    That's it.
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  2. Haterly

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    It is good tips about change of Div which is very helpful for me