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How will Powerful Child Theme work with Divi 4.0? What to expect?

Discussion in 'Ask Pre-Sales Questions' started by Jason Tueller, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Jason Tueller

    Jason Tueller New Member

    Can you provide any insights/thoughts/observations on how the release of Divi 4.0 might affect the features and future development plans for Divi Powerful Child Theme? In particular, the new Theme Builder features appear to have some overlap with features in Powerful.

    My apologies if my question is a little abstract, haha! I'm seriously considering making a purchase. Your products look brilliant.
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  2. Divi Powerful

    Divi Powerful Administrator
    Staff Member

    All our features continue to work just fine with Divi 4.0. And yes, some of the features overlap with the Theme Builder, so it's up to you which side you wish to use.

    Some additional features in our child theme:
    1. We have tons of premade header / footer / other elements to get you started.
    2. Sticky header.
    3. Vertical navigation style.
    4. Slide in / fullscreen menu in mobile.
    5. Revealing footer effect.
    6. Custom premade archive style with pagination.
    7. Custom sidebar style.
    8. Simple single blog post customizer.
    9. And several other minor features: https://divipowerful.divi.help/
  3. Jason Tueller

    Jason Tueller New Member

    Thank you for your fast reply.
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