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Solved I have Divi Ultimate...do I NEED Divi Powerful?

Discussion in 'Ask Pre-Sales Questions' started by KyleNoFU, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. KyleNoFU

    KyleNoFU New Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    Does anyone here have both?

    What's the difference between the two? And is the difference worth getting another child theme?

    Would appreciate any feedback from those who have both. Or better yet, from the theme creators...

  2. Divi Powerful

    Divi Powerful Administrator
    Staff Member

    Currently, Divi Powerful has more features than Divi Ultimate (eg. archive blog styling, dynamic archive header, regular menu module, swap header & footer on per page basis, 404 page styling, global popup on click, new mobile menu options, etc.). But all those extra features will eventually be added to Divi Ultimate, separated into few major updates.

    Basically, Divi Powerful & Divi Ultimate serve for different purposes. For Divi Powerful, it doesn't have any premade layouts / sections & is meant to be used together with free ET Layouts or start from scratch. It's some sort of a powerful 'bare bones' child theme to be used to kick start your web project.
    **Some people dislike the idea of premade designs (limit their creativity) & just wish to power up their Divi site with tons of features. And that's why we came up with the idea of Divi Powerful.
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  3. KyleNoFU

    KyleNoFU New Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    One of the things I like about Divi Powerful is that we can easily use ElegantTheme's free weekly layouts. We can't do this in Divi Ultimate, right? That's also one major difference between Powerful and Ultimate?

    That being said, I also like the premade layouts in Divi Ultimate. Can I use them as well in Divi Powerful? For example, can I use the "Event" layout from Divi Ultimate in Divi Powerful? If not, would that feature be possible in the next update?

    If so, I'm buying Divi Powerful right away!
  4. Divi Powerful

    Divi Powerful Administrator
    Staff Member

    You should be able to use ET free layouts with Divi Ultimate. It should work just fine.

    It’s just that some people don’t wish to have extra css & premade designs that bloat their site.
    Nope you can’t do that. You can only choose to use one of them.

    Currently, Divi Powerful has more features than Divi Ultimate. But we will eventually add those missing features to Divi Ultimate, separates into few major updates.

    The next major update for Divi Ultimate will be on Dynamic Archive Header, premade archive blog designs & premade archive pagination.
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