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Solved Images not showing in Services (Grid) Template

Discussion in 'Basic Support Forum' started by sossyw, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. sossyw

    sossyw Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    I have built a new page using the Services (Grid) template.
    However, the pre-loaded images in the grid are not showing (the whole box / module is the size as per the image that you can see in the screenshot attached).
    This also happened the other day with another template (I think it was About (Grid).
    I have deactivated all plugins to see if it was a plugin, but it returned the same result.
    Can you please advise what the problem may be? Thank you.
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  2. sossyw

    sossyw Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    Screenshot attached.

    Attached Files:

  3. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    Try to re-download & re-install the latest version of the Divi Ultimate Plugin: https://divi.help/threads/divi-ultimate-v8-0-1.3428/#post-11182
    **We added some fixes for that.

    Let me know how it goes.
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  4. sossyw

    sossyw Member
    Divi Ultimate Child Theme

    Thank you very much. That resolved the problem.

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