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Noobie questions

Discussion in 'Ask Pre-Sales Questions' started by RCee, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. RCee

    RCee New Member
    Divi Ultimate Blog Plugin

    Hi guys Im using Divi theme and have already built my site on that but was wonder if I can use just the Single Blog Post Customizer with the divi theme if I'm already using a custom child theme? Would I be able to install it and use it no problem? Want to know before I spend the money since its not refundable.
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  2. Divi Powerful

    Divi Powerful Administrator
    Staff Member

    For that case, you may just use the Divi Ultimate Blog Plugin: https://blog.diviultimate.com/

    Since it's a plugin, you can install it with no problem on your Divi sites with custom child theme.

    Do note that if you're using Divi Theme Builder blog template, then it will override our plugin blog template.
  3. RCee

    RCee New Member
    Divi Ultimate Blog Plugin

    Does that mean I’d have to go through and change the blogs I’ve already written to be used with this plugin? Or can some be with divi theme builder and some with this plugin?
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  4. Divi Powerful

    Divi Powerful Administrator
    Staff Member

    Here's what we meant by Divi Theme Builder:


    If you do not have any Theme Builder template set for Posts, then all your blog posts will automatically use our blog template. You don't have to go through each of your blog posts to set it.