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several problems on iphone

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by abiqualcosa, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. abiqualcosa

    abiqualcosa New Member

    Hello everybody, I'm developing two simple websites, and since the beginning I have encountered several problems on iphone visualization, while everything is smooth an android and desktop versions. Some of the problems was resolved with random attempts but with a LOT of time waste (days just to show a single line of text!) Maybe I'm doing something terribly wrong?

    I put here 3 actual examples. There were tested on iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus, with iOS updated. Browser are safari and chrome, same behaviour.

    1: in the image divi1, on the left how the page is correctly shown on Android: on the right what I see on iPhone. It is made with a section with 1 row containing a static image with the logo; followed by a section with 1 row containing an animated (mandatory!!) slider (each slide has an image as background and nothing more), followed by a text module. As you can see, the slider is TOTALLY invisible, and of the text module is shown only its first line.

    2. in the image divi2, you can see the title text in the blurbs is cutted on top: if you slide the display on iphone to hide that line and slide again to refresh it, it is shown correctly. The blurbs are all in the same row.

    3. When I edit my pages, if I reload the site on iPhone, modifications are not shown. (trying with incognito mode, or cleaning the cache of the browser, it's the same) This is a huge problem considering the previous problems. On android, it always load last changes.

    Any help is highly appreciated!!!
    thank you

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