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Simply Wonderful!

Discussion in 'Customer Testimonials' started by Catch, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Catch

    Catch New Member
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    I have dabbled with many themes and child-themes. I keep coming back to DIVI because end-users like to make their own changes and DIVI is pretty intuitive once they are rolling. Since I discovered Divi-Ultimate, I have found an increase in my productivity and am able to provide end-users with a platform they quickly feel at comfortable in.

    The pages and sections that are provided by DU are excellent starting points for even the most complex of layouts, and the possibilities to mix and match seamlessly are much appreciated.It also just works!

    Support has hardly been required – of course, the forum delivers outstanding assistance (we all have similar issues) – but on the odd occasion on which I lost sight of the horizon it has been awesomely responsive and exact.

    Thank you DU and divi.help for this superb product and please keep things the way they are – awesome!

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