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Troubles after update to 5.6

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by francus, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. francus

    francus New Member

    Hi, after the update to 5.6 I find two big problems.

    The first is that the mechanism that triggers the FIXED MENU no longer works. Even when scrolling down the pages, the header always remains the same height.

    The second is that every blur on the home page that scrolls to the following section has stopped working and leads to the top of the page

    Did it just happen to me or is it a problem common to others users?

    And in case anyone solved it?
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  2. francus

    francus New Member

    in case it happens to someone else the problem lies in wp-content / themes / Divi / js / custom.unified.js
    you can install this plugin


    and in setting choose jQuery Version "legacy 1.12.4-wp"
    at that point everything goes back to working properly.

    it is obviously a temporary solution but hopefully the DIVI developers will fix the problem soon
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  3. Jeff Boulton

    Jeff Boulton New Member
    Divi Ultimate Header Plugin

    Same problem with my sites. Hopefully this will be fixed asap.
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  4. Printe

    Printe New Member

    Hello, thanks for your temporary solution @francus.

    Do you also have the problem that you can no longer edit posts? Since yesterday some things don't seem to work anymore and I don't get any more answers from support.
  5. francus

    francus New Member

    Hi, i still haven't tried to edit some post, I will try and I let you know
    Can you describe what your problem is exactly? Do you have both of the problems I exposed in the opening post? I say this because one of the two things was solved with yesterday's update (scrolling to an anchor point) while the problem of the header that remains the same height even when scrolling the page has remained.
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  6. Printe

    Printe New Member

    Hello, I had or still have the "header problem".

    In addition, the changes in posts are no longer saved. Now I fear that I will gradually find other problems. Thank goodness I have only updated two websites to 5.6 so far...

    The DIVI update didn't help me.
  7. Printe

    Printe New Member

    That was nonsense. I was just too stupid ...
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  8. francus

    francus New Member

    do you mean that at least the problem of non-editable posts doesn't exist?
    because I was worried about that too ... as if the header problem wasn't enough ...
  9. Printe

    Printe New Member

    In my case it doesn't exist. I just edited the wrong post. Again and again... But I've had a tough day as well. So sorry :)
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  10. Milly

    Milly New Member

    hi, i'am new here!
    I have the same problem about "wp-content/themes/Divi/js/custom.unified.js.map" in my site https://teloriparo.help/ but the plugin you suggested doesn't solve the problem for me....do you have any other suggestions?
  11. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    The .map file is not part of your website. So you may just ignore it.
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  12. SeanMollet

    SeanMollet New Member

    I contracted my web-design and the designer used Divi. They never got around to putting in the API key and have gone missing since then. Wordpress update broke my anchor links.. I spent hours upon hours messing with it until finding this.

    Thank you!