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Solved ttf Module is slowing down the page

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by MateIT, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. MrBizDev

    MrBizDev New Member

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  2. Michael Starley

    Michael Starley New Member

    Please explain exactly which issue this code will address.
    Reaching out due to the fact that after the latest updates, the module.ttf issue has returned and Web Page Test is, once again, reporting

    Use gzip compression for transferring compressable responses: 85/100Learn More
    358.3 KB total in compressible text, target size = 304.3 KB - potential savings = 54.1 KB

    FAILED - (90.6 KB, compressed = 36.6 KB - savings of 54.1 KB) - https://www.personaldronerepair.com/wp-content/themes/Divi/core/admin/fonts/modules.ttf

    The woff2 conversion mentioned at the beginning of this post is still in place and functioning.
    I have converted the new module.ttf file to woff2 in an attempt to speed up the loading times.
    No cigar.

    Kinda baffled and playing catch up.
    Do you believe that the code above will cure this particular issue?

    Thank You !
  3. Alex Charlton

    Alex Charlton New Member

    Any updates? I have been trying this solution for hours and have no success.
    I was able to do it back in 2020 just a few months ago. I updated my site and need to do it again but I can't

    I have seen solutions from Elegant themes but often times they ignore the issue and say "it doesn't affect speed," Their other solution is to simply add (see below) to the header. But it does not work.

    <link rel="preload" as="font" href="https://yoursite.com/wp-content/themes/Divi/core/admin/fonts/modules.ttf" type="font/ttf" crossorigin="anonymous">

    UPDATE! Seems like with the latest version of Divi, it automatically preloads!
    #43 Alex Charlton, Jan 11, 2021
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2021
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  4. Daniel Beack

    Daniel Beack New Member

    Hey Michael!
    According to https://lighthouse-dot-webdotdevsite.appspot.com//lh/html?url=https://www.personaldronerepair.com/ you don´t even have an issue with the TTF file.
    When looking at you CSS its not declared in the CSS. https://www.personaldronerepair.com/wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified/kp261i24/6h80u.css But you are pre-loadning it in the header. Try to change the preload to prefetch instead. (Message in Chrome dev tools: "The resource https://www.personaldronerepair.com/wp-content/themes/Divi/core/admin/fonts/modules.ttf was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate `as` value and it is preloaded intentionally.")

    You have pretty good scores on the webb site already but I would recommend you to:
    1. Optimize images even more. Maybe add shortpixel and convert them to WebP? Or manually optimize them through Googles https://squoosh.app/ and upload again.
    2. Remove Unused CSS. Yes, this is the curse of DIVI unfortunately. According to Chrome Dev Tools Coverage info your CSS have 95% UNused CSS loaded on page. I used purifycss.online and A Chrome extension for unused css. I made a post on it here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/a-must-have-407/#post-13412466
  5. Michael Starley

    Michael Starley New Member

    Thank you for the reply!

    This information is highly appreciated!
    I will get on top of the recommendations.

    Thank you once again for the time in and the pro tips!
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  6. Daniel Beack

    Daniel Beack New Member

    Thank you Michael!
    I know the frustration and hurdles you and many DIVI users are dealing with. And now with Googles "Fast Page" label is even MORE important then ever to adapt to the web vitals needed.
    So the slower the mobile web experience will affect the search rank according to Google.

    In the case of your site its not that many tasks to fix. Its only about 700kb according to GTmetrix (https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.personaldronerepair.com/QNFqZEV6/)
    The hardest thing, for me anyway, was the case of 'Unused JS' and third party JS. Check Flying Script - https://wordpress.org/plugins/flying-scripts/ that made a lot of difference with loading JS scripts.

    And if you look at the images I tested to fix one in squoosh.app and got a 44% reduction on size https://snipboard.io/ZmS7WP.jpg
    So I would suggest you to start with images and Unused CSS first on a staging page to test, try and measure. If you don´t have a child theme it would be good to create one so your work doesn't get overwritten the next time you update DIVI.
    I'm sure you will se improvements very quickly.

    Good luck! :D
  7. Michael Starley

    Michael Starley New Member

    Hello there!
    It's me.....again.
    My site has been loading great due to your last efforts and advice.
    Unfortunately the Divi Update Monster has bitten me.......again......ugggh!
    According to Web Page Test, my site is now loading the converted woff2 file and a new .ttfmodule.
    Once again, unable to compress the ttf.module......scratching head furiously!
    I have taken the new ttf.module and converted it to woff2 with no success.
    Reaching out to you in hopes that you have overcome this issue and would be willing to share the solution.
    No offense to the Divi team but I am now looking to shed this theme and begin using the Astra theme.
    I need a theme that improves with the updates....at least once or twice.......sheeesh!

    Thank You !!
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