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Solved Ultimate Header not present in Mobile

Discussion in 'Basic Support Forum' started by Maximiliaan, Feb 23, 2021 at 4:32 AM.

  1. Maximiliaan

    Maximiliaan New Member
    Divi Ultimate Header Plugin

    I installed a fresh Divi-Ultimate-Header-Plugin
    and imported: Divi-Ultimate-Header-Library.json.
    So far so good.
    The menu is visible in desktop mode.
    But I see no mobile menu.

    In the section I've set Visibility to OFF. See attachment.
    It is a Global header set in the Teambuilder.
    I have disabled the standard WP menu with:
    header#main-header { display: none; }

    What to do do?
    Regards, Max

    Attached Files:

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  2. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    If you're using our header plugin custom header (selected in Theme Customizer), then it will by default switch to standard Divi menu in mobile, so that you can have slide in / fullscreen menu in mobile.

    But if you use Divi Theme Builder for our header style, then you will have to use Divi Builder menu for mobile.

    Here's how to show the Divi Builder menu in mobile:
    1. I see that you already set the Visibility option to be shown in mobile as well. Make sure check the Section / Row / Module Visibility option.
    2. Sticky section are set to be hidden in mobile by default. To show the sticky section in mobile, you will need to go to the Section Settings > Advanced > CSS Class & replace free-sticky with free-sticky free-sticky-mobile-show
    **Here's the documentation on the sticky feature: https://divi.help/threads/sticky-feature-documentation.2294/
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  3. Maximiliaan

    Maximiliaan New Member
    Divi Ultimate Header Plugin

    Thanks al lot for your help.
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  4. Maximiliaan

    Maximiliaan New Member
    Divi Ultimate Header Plugin

    It got it working. thanks again.
    One more thing : when scrolling down on every page the menu is hidden (gone).
    How can I fix the menu so that ithe Ultimate Menu Header is always on top (some css?).
    (Fixed navigation Bar enabled/disabled has no influence on it)
  5. Divi Ultimate

    Divi Ultimate Administrator
    Staff Member

    It seems like you have some settings / CSS that make the section position absolute.

    Here's a quick fix. Just paste the below CSS in Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS:
    #page-container .is-sticky>* {
        position: fixed!important;
        bottom: auto!important;
    #page-container {
        padding-top: 0!important;
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  6. Maximiliaan

    Maximiliaan New Member
    Divi Ultimate Header Plugin

    Thanks for the Fix!
    It works.