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Solved Unable to edit content with divi builder after update to Wordpress 5.6 and Divi 4.7.7

Discussion in 'Free Divi Community Forum' started by eldk, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. eldk

    eldk New Member


    Got some error when trying to edit content


    All text content that use divi builder is not editable anymore.

    This happened after update of Wordpress from 5.5 to 5.6 (and then jQuery) and Divi from 4.7.2 to 4.7.7.

    Some automated reports have been sent today from Divi alert box.

    Are we alone or is there some other case ?



    PS : This is now solved https://divi.help/threads/error-when-editing-font-in-divi-text-block.7106/
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  2. eldk

    eldk New Member

    With use of the "workaround" mentionned here : https://divi.help/threads/troubles-after-update-to-5-6.7126/ , "downgrade to old Wordpress legacy jQuery , I'm able to edit text content with Divi genearator. So, it means that the bug is related to jQuery upgrade.

    This has been done on a test server (cloned from production one).

    As we use some other plugins, that seems to be unaffected, whats the better way to solve this (on production server) ?

    How should I help ?


  3. Divi.Help

    Divi.Help Administrator
    Staff Member

    You may test it on your test server.

    After upgrading Wordpress to 5.6, you will need to update Divi to the latest version as well & clear your cache.

    If still having the issue, then most likely it's a plugin conflict. You may try to enable Safe Mode & see if it works: WP Admin > Divi > Support Center > Safe Mode > Enabled

    If it works in Safe Mode, then you will need to try to enable / disable your plugins one by one to find the culprit.

    Below are the 3 potential culprit:
    1. Plugins.
    2. Child Theme.
    3. Custom code in WP Admin > Divi > Theme Options > Integration.
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  4. eldk

    eldk New Member


    Following the given process, It's look like Essential Grid is the culprit. When it's disabled, editing content with divi generator is OK.

    Come back later with more infos.


  5. eldk

    eldk New Member


    Upgrade Essential Grid to 3.0.11 (when licence is expired, there is no more alert on available updates). Enable Jquery 3.5.1 again. Tests are now OK : content is editable through Divi Generator.

    So it's solved


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