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Where Do I Even Begin?

Discussion in 'Customer Testimonials' started by David Behrens, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. David Behrens

    David Behrens New Member
    Divi Block Pro Divi Powerful Child Theme Divi Ultimate Blog Plugin Divi Ultimate Header Plugin Divi Ultimate Footer Plugin

    First, I must sadly admit that I have been procrastinating on writing this review for a long time, as I haven't necessarily had the time to be able to document all of the ways in which the Divi.Help team has assisted me in developing numerous client website concepts. I have told them in a couple of my threads that I will write a review soon, but every time I have started, I have had to stop as I have always been at a loss for words.

    Divi.Help has pre-built a ton into their Divi Powerful child theme, more than most can imagine, and has made it incredibly easy for designers to build and create additions to their system, perhaps even entirely different headers, footers and styles as result of their framework. The team has not only done a great deal of the design work for me in their pre-built styles, but has made their system intuitive to use so that way others have the flexibility to customize the theme to their liking on a remarkably granular level. If you are debating over whether or not you whould buy the Divi Powerful package, the resources alone are worth the money.

    However, where Divi.Help really shines, is their customer support. Just to give you a glimpse into how pleased I am with thier support, these are the last three remarks I have made after receiving their assistance:
    • "This worked wonderfully, thanks for the help!"
    • "Woah, y'all rock! That was wicked fast! Thank you for being so prompt!"
    • "*Round of a Applause, with Jaw On the Floor* You better believe I'll be giving y'all a rave review on Monday/Tuesday. Y'all just blew my mind!"
    These three closing comments barely begin to describe my elation with the Divi Powerful and Div.Help support. Their instructions, tutorials and step by step assistance have not only helped me implement my designs, but have genuinely furthered me as front-end web developer. As a result of their lessons, I have taken the knowledge they have shared and applied them to other concepts and Divi projects that sit well outside of the domain of their systems. For example, I was trying to change certain functionality attributes within the Divi Header system at one point, and after their lessons with me on the tags and CSS necessary to make those changes, I was able to pick up on other Divi/Elegant Themes CSS coding patterns to make further changes to my site.

    This level of customer support, I find, is unrivaled by any other Divi developer out there, and I am actually a bit saddened that more people don't know about how awesome this organization and the child theme framework is. Divi.Help you guys do a spectacular job, and I cannot thank you enough for your patience, your hard work, and your willingness to grow others (often times for free). For the assistance and updates you provide, I'd be willing to pay for a subscription model to reward you for your efforts. However, according to one of your support staff, the best way I can thank you as of now is to write this review... So until I can financially reward you, I will sing your praises, and spread the word to others I know who use Divi for their clients.

    With great gratitude,

    David Behrens
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